Summer Camp 2023

A Music Camp Your Child Won't Forget!

"Music and Friends"

June 19th – June 23rd

Ages 4 - 6 years old

From 8:30am – 11:30am

Join in the fun and learn the basics of music with “Music and Friends” camp! No prior experience is needed. This camp is perfect for beginners who want to explore the world of music through singing, movement, listening and rhythm activities that will surely bring out the inner musician in every child. 

You’ll even get to play beginner melodies on the xylophone with your new friends, Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear. Clara Schumann the Cat will certainly add excitement in bringing your music to life! 

By the end of camp, you’ll be inspired to continue your musical journey in piano through private lessons.

"Music of the World"

June 19th – June 23rd

Ages 7 - 12 years old

From 12:30pm – 3:30pm

“Music of the World” camp! Is designed to increase the camper’s awareness of an appreciation for cultures that are different from their own through experiencing the music and studying the instruments of other countries. Students will enjoy hearing the music from other cultures and learning about each countries’ musical instruments, landmarks, and animals. 

This camp is appropriate for students of any musical level including new students with little to no music background. Each day, students will ‘travel’ to different countries including Australia, China, Ghana, Peru and Mexico – and they will collect stamps in their passports! While in each country the camper will learn how to make their own instrument native to the country they are visiting. 

Campers will also get to try many woodwind, brass, and string instruments and see if there is one that they would love to try!


For any week that you register for, the cost is $150 per student.

Summer Camp tuition for our one-week camp includes instruction, music-themed games, hands-on activities and a LSM camp T-shirt. Tuition is charged at the time of registration and secures a spot in the desired camp.

We understand summer plans may change. We are happy to move any student to a different Camp with a $10 transfer fee. Camp tuition that has been paid will be transferred to the new Camp. Tuition adjustments will be charged at the time of transfer. Tuition enrollment is locked into place two weeks prior to the start of camp.

General Camp or sign-up questions? Email [email protected] or call 904-621-8427.

We need a minimum number of participants in order for each Camp to be held. If Camp enrollment has not reached the minimum required prior to the start of Camp, participants will be contacted and will be offered additional options.