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We are passionate about helping musicians build the foundations needed to reach all their musical dreams and goals. 

We believe in nurturing and developing each student’s limitless musical creativity. 

No matter your level of skill––beginner to intermediate to advanced––every musician can excel and flourish at Lakeside School of Music, Orange Park’s premier music school for educating and inspiring the next generation of accomplished musicians.

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What Parents in Orange Park are Saying About Lakeside School of music

I can't say enough about the teachers at Lakeside School of Music! My oldest son (10) has been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Healy for 4 1/2 years and has learned so much! His technique and his passion for piano has grown exponentially under Mrs. Healy's guidance! My younger son (7) just began taking lessons with Miss Crews about three months ago and is excited each week to come to his lessons! He is already playing with both hands and can recognize his notes in both the treble and bass clef! My boys love their teachers and I love how much they are learning!

Vickie Voohris

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My children's teacher, who is now the director of the Lakeside School of Music, has made a world of difference for my kids. I can't say enough about how my kids have musically flourished and excelled in their chosen instruments (piano, trombone, tuba.) I was able to attend the recent Lakeside recital and was blown away by all the budding talent. The teachers were so enthusiastic and involved; their passion for helping these musicians realize their potential just shines! Seeing how they each have customized their teaching to each students' unique abilities makes them superior to so many of the other local music schools.

Tracie B.

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Lakeside School of Music has provided balanced piano tutoring to my daughter for just over one year. She has made much progress during this time. Having taken music lessons myself as a child, I wish some of the methods and music theory approaches they utilize had been available to me in my formative music years. I highly recommend.

Bethany French

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My children started lessons here almost a year ago. I am so impressed with how much they have learned and how well they are playing. I truly believe it is because of the love and passion the instructors have for teaching and they are incredibly talented musicians! Lessons are affordable too. Seriously one of the best decisions we made was putting our children in lessons with this music school!

Christina W.

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