Saxophone Lessons

Looking For Saxophone Lessons in Orange Park?

Are you considering learning to play the saxophone? It is never too late to learn something new and discover a passion for music. Learning an instrument like the saxophone can be challenging at first, but with dedication and perseverance, anyone can become a proficient player in no time. Along with that, you can experience playing an instrument that is an absolute delight, while looking ridiculously cool!

What You Will Learn


There are four main different types of saxophones.

  • Soprano
  • Alto (the most common)
  • Tenor

Each has its own unique range and sound; each can create specific musical effects. The soprano is the highest pitched of the four saxophones. The alto saxophone has a warmer sound than the soprano and is slightly larger in size. The alto saxophone produces a deeper tone than the soprano. The tenor and baritone saxophones have even lower tones, making them ideal for providing background music in large ensembles. 

Changing the reed is only necessary when it no longer plays well. This usually happens when the instrument has been played excessively over a significant period of time or when the reed becomes damaged (chipping or cracking) due to poor handling. Cane reeds can become unplayable when not stored correctly between practice sessions. A wise saxophonist should always have three working reeds in a playing rotation.

A saxophone reed with daily use is expected to last for at least one week. A regular cane reed could potentially last for several weeks when properly maintained. With play, all reeds will become softer over time, including cane reeds, plastic cover reeds, and synthetic reeds. However, the cane reed is more sensitive and will wear out sooner than the plastic cover and synthetic reeds. While synthetic reeds last longer, the initial cost is greater.

While numerous reed manufacturers currently market saxophone reeds, two major companies, D’Addario (Rico) and Vandoren, offer the most variety. The instructors at LSOM can help each student decide what reed is best for him and his instrument.

Yamaha 4C is the most highly recommended beginner mouthpiece on the market.

With the school being conveniently located in Orange Park, it is just a short drive for our students from Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Oakleaf, and Jacksonville.

For those who are not local, virtual lessons are also available.