About Us

Welcome to Lakeside School of Music

At Lakeside School of Music, we pride ourselves on having an exceptional team of talented and experienced instructors. Our staff comprises passionate and dedicated musicians committed to helping each student reach their full potential. No matter what instrument interests you, our instructors have the expertise to guide you on your musical journey. With diverse backgrounds and specialties, our staff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every lesson.

We are confident you will find the perfect instructor to help you achieve your musical goals.

Our Staff

Cindy Healy, Director

Cindy is the Director of Lakeside School of Music. While many musicians feel called to their instrument, and many teachers feel called to the classroom, Cindy is overwhelmingly gifted as both an accomplished musician and a exceptional teacher.

A native of Florida, Cindy grew up with a rich family history of music. Starting with piano at age 9, she added flute and other instruments to her repertoire in junior high. She made all-county band and played piano for her school’s jazz band and show choirs. Throughout her teen years, she also had opportunities to perform in her local community in churches, assisted living facilities, plays, and productions. While pursuing her college degree in education, she traveled as the pianist for a college-sponsored singing group in 48 states over five summers. She has now been teaching music, including instruments and voice, since 1995. She has instructed students of all ages and skill levels, and many of her students from decades past now are teaching their own music students. She currently teaches music at Berean Christian Academy and is the chair of music for North Florida Baptist College. Serving as a pianist for Immanuel Baptist Church since 1998, Cindy is also the orchestra director and special music coordinator there.

Cindy professes to living her life’s dream of training the next generation of accomplished musicians every day. Her dedication to cultivating talent and building confidence in young performers is evident in the students she teaches and in the teachers she now leads in music education. As an outstanding leader, she completes the Lakeside School of Music as its director with her unending love of music and dynamic passion for excellence.

Alison Collingsworth

 Alison teaches piano at Lakeside School of Music. With an insatiable love of music, her passion for helping students reach their potential drives her to constantly musically nurture her own advanced skills. Her radiant personality puts those around her at ease, setting the perfect stage for optimal learning.

Alison began her music career on the piano with lessons at age 11. After a pause in lessons because of her family moving, she started taking piano lessons full time again at 13. This is when her musical passions flourished. Exploring her musical options in high school band, she dabbled with many instruments including clarinet, flute, and percussion. She also sang in the high school choir and in smaller choral groups as a soprano.

When she entered college, she had no doubts about majoring in music. While still mainly focusing on her first instrument, piano, she was able to add more instruments to her ever-growing catalog of proficiency including flute, trombone, and violin. She graduated cum laude and became the musical director for a church in Ohio. Here, she coordinated and trained singing groups, while also filling the role of church pianist. She also taught and trained other pianist, who themselves are now teaching their own students.

After 10 years, she has moved back to Northeast Florida to teach at her alma mater where her love of music began, Berean Christian Academy. At the academy, she oversees the elementary music program, teaches piano and uses her teaching talents with the orchestra and choral programs. She serves as one of the pianists at her church as well as sings in several groups.

Her devotion to her craft consistently keeps her looking for ways to improve her own skills and her own teaching abilities. Alison considers the ability to teach and to help others reach their musical goals a source of unending joy. Helping young musicians realize their potentials is something that she will never take for granted!

Kimberly Corzine

Kimberly teaches low brass instruments and piano at Lakeside School of Music. Dubbed the “kid whisperer” by her friends, she possesses a natural ability with young people. Coupled with her love of music, Kim is the perfect teacher to inspire and motivate young musicians through her kindness, love, and patience.

Kim began her music career with piano at age 10. She later became a proficient trombone player in her high school band. At age 18, she joined her church’s orchestra. She continued to play trombone and piano while also pursuing a college degree. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she pressed on in her musical pursuits in trombone and piano, as well as dabbling in organ and clarinet, through the music program at her church.

Kim loves to inspire her students to realize their musical dreams. Her gentle teaching style is perfect for helping young musicians to gain the confidence and skills they need to grow!

Brianna Crews

Brianna teaches piano at Lakeside School of Music. She loves to nurture young beginner pianists, inspiring them to discover how fun and fulfilling it is to play piano. Her creativity is perfect for instilling a love of music in her students.

Brianna started taking piano lessons when she was eight years old. Her consistency began to pay dividends when in high school she was able to intern for the music director at Berean Christian Academy. During her teen years, she learned to arrange compositions and was able to perform several of them at her recitals. She also played for several singing groups and accompanied other instrumentalists in performances. She has achieved multiple awards for her musical achievements in piano in high school. She is currently first chair percussionist in her church’s orchestra and has also played piano for several of their performances. Brianna is a music major in her freshmen year of college while also teaching piano and assisting the music director at Berean Christian Academy.

Brianna understands the importance of laying a solid music foundation in young pianists so that they grow at a steady, successful rate. She recognizes the need for musical expression and creativity, and she is dedicated to letting her students find their voice in their music!

Victoria Hauser

Victoria teaches piano at Lakeside School of Music. She believes that music is a wonderful, God-given avenue of expression for everyone! Since she was a young girl, her dream has been not only to make music but also to inspire others to do so as well.

Victoria, or “Tori” to her friends and family, has been involved in music since as early as she can remember. She began taking piano lessons at age 11. In the decades since, she has had so many opportunities to utilize her musical craft. She has played piano for children’s services at her church, for elementary-age music programs, and for various singing groups. Just in the last few years, she has been the pianist for her church’s choir and its orchestra many times, and even delved into playing the church organ! While also an active participant in her church’s music program, Tori currently teaches first and second grades at Berean Christian Academy, fulfilling her dream of inspiring young minds every day.

She is excited to be part of the team at Lakeside, with a fervent desire to educate young musicians and to instill in them a passionate love of music!

Rhiannon Rybak

Rhiannon teaches piano, clarinet, saxophone, and voice at Lakeside School of Music. She grew up in New York where her passion for music was cultivated at a young age. Having started piano lessons at age seven after much intrigue for the beauty of the instrument, she knew organized sound was her greatest love. She expanded her horizons by starting to study classical clarinet at age ten. Later she picked up jazz saxophone and discovered how much she loves to sing in choirs. She eagerly strived to improve on all of these instruments through her adolescence, performing in All-County, Area All-State, New York All-State, Empire State Youth Orchestra, and New York State Summer School of the Arts alongside the Philadelphia Orchestra in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, and Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. She gained experience playing in pit orchestra for musical theater and played as an accompanist at the NYS School Music Association.


Rhiannon later went on to study Classical Clarinet Performance, Music Theory, and Aural Skills in college and has experience teaching to all different ages. She is always practicing and working to improve her own musicianship with an appreciation for all modalities and genres. With a great emphasis on establishing fundamentals and discovering various teaching methods for the budding musician, she pays great attention to detail, moves forward with open-mindedness and enthusiasm, and finds she always gleans something to learn from students herself. There is nothing more exciting to Rhiannon than someone who wants to learn a new instrument or to develop his existing musical background.

Steve Sandberg

Steve teaches mandolin and guitar at Lakeside School of Music. His life experience in ministry work and insatiable love of people gives him a huge advantage in teaching music and in inspiring young musicians to reach their goals.

Steve has been playing guitar since 1963. His love of music led him to play other instruments, including a brief foray with trombone in junior high band and on the banjo and the dulcimer as an adult. Vocationally, he pastored a church while also playing both his six-string and twelve-string guitar for church services and functions several times each week for decades. In 2015, he found a used mandolin at a yard sale and has never put it down since then! His skill in mandolin and love of bluegrass music even took him to the Ozarks to play at the famous Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival that is held every July in Conway, Missouri.

Now retired, Steve loves to convey the joy of playing mandolin and guitar to students through his patient teaching style. He teaches with the philosophy that even though anyone can learn to play an instrument, with persistence, passion, and practice, he can also become an accomplished musician.

Larry Velazquez-Abreu

Larry’s journey with music began at the age of 11 when he first picked up the trumpet. His passion for music led him to explore various brass instruments, and later, the guitar, drums, piano, and ukulele. Larry earned his Associate of Arts from Florida State College at Jacksonville, where he also served as a music theory tutor and student assistant to the band program, honing his teaching skills and sharing his love for music with others.

Currently, Larry is pursuing his Bachelor degree in Music Education with a minor in Jazz Studies at Jacksonville University, furthering his commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. With years of experience in playing and teaching music, Larry brings a contagious enthusiasm for music to his students, inspiring them to explore their own musical talents with confidence and joy.

Krista Zarn

Krista teaches violin, viola, and cello at Lakeside School of Music. She has a beautiful gift on strings and wishes to inspire other musicians to realize their talent and love of strings as well!

Krista has been playing violin for more than 20 years. Trained with the Classical, Suzuki Method, she, along with her family, performed in churches and religious meetings throughout the United States in the last two decades. She also had the opportunity to play in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis.

For the last 11 years, Krista has been teaching other musicians, from young children to adults. Her patience and kindness, along with her accomplished talent, makes her the excellent teacher for any age and skill level. Her passion is to inspire her students to “make the four strings sing!”