Baritone Lessons

Looking For Baritone Lessons in Orange Park?

Are you looking for an instrument that has a unique sound and can help fill out the range of any band or ensemble? If so, then learning to play the baritone is definitely something to consider. With its low-pitched, mellow tone and versatility, this instrument can bring unmatched musical satisfaction. It can be used in solo performances or be an elemental addition to an ensemble or band. Its range provides plenty of opportunity for melodic exploration and improvisation. With the right technique and practice, you can create beautiful music on this instrument that will be sure to captivate any audience.

What You Will Learn


While many people think the baritone and euphonium are the same, they are different instruments. A few things make the euphonium unique. Its sound is more mellow than baritone because the bore size is slightly larger. It is usually heavier because it is slightly bigger. While baritones have three valves, the euphonium can have four. 

You don’t! We welcome beginners and look forward to getting you to where you can read music!

Yes! At the end of each school year, the Lakeside School of Music hosts its annual music recital where students perform for parents and each other with pieces they have worked on that year.

With the school being conveniently located in Orange Park, it is just a short drive for our students from Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Oakleaf, and Jacksonville.

For those who are not local, virtual lessons are also available.